Welcome to PAYLOWER, affordable Car Care Center. We are here to maintain and fix your car at an affordable price. At PAYLOWER we know that the most important person is YOU!

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The car brake system is one of the most important of the car. Paylower provides a complete brake inspection, maintenance, and repair. We only use high quality parts.


The transmission of the car shifts the gears from one to another. Proper transmission maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

AC Service

We live in the desert. As summer gets closer, the heat inside the car becomes unbearable. Paylower recharges and repairs AC systems.

Tune Up

Every 30,000 miles or two years, the car needs to have a major tune up. Paylower checks, adjusts, or replaces parts in all the systems.

Engine Service and Diagnostics

If you ever see the "check engine" indicator lit on your car, bring it to us, we will run a diagnostic test, and fix the issue.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance to the car can save you money and headaches. Paylower provides all regular maintenance the vehicle requires including oil and filter changes, and proper fluid levels.

Cooling System

As you can deduce by the name, the cooling system maintains the car at proper operating temperature. If your car is overheating please do not procrastinate because an overheated car can damage to your vehicle.